The Cornerstone

a brief life of John Murray for young people, by
Irene Carrow Rees

Copyright, 1915

By the Universalist Publishing House

To The Host of
Honorable Men

who “kept the faith,” and have joined the

“innumerable company which no

man can number,”

this little book is reverently



The prevailing idea among our young people seems to be that the lives of the early Fathers, to whom we owe so much, were prosaic and uninteresting, a monotonous round of psalm-singing days too stupid in detail to be given a moment’s consideration in our presently lively age. In an attempt to prove that the reverse is true, the book has been written. It is in no way intended as a history of Church or doctrine, these matters being only touched upon as they affect the story of John Murray. To take the romantic facts of his life, which set forth the simple heroism of the man, from their wordy burial in the old records and put them in easy reading form, that our young people may realize that the joy and freedom of Universalism have been “bought with a price,” is the sole aim of the author. The comprehensive histories by Dr. Eddy and others have been consulted, but Mr. Murray’s Autobiography, together with his Letters and Sketches, was the principle source from which the material has been gathered.

Irene C. Rees.

Boston, November 8, 1915.

  • John Arrives

  • New Friends Appear

  • The Parting of the Ways

  • Off the Trail

  • Cupid Goes to Church

  • John Murray Encounters Universalists

  • The Call of the Spirit

  • Universalism and Mr. Murray Journey Together

  • “The Lord Will Provide”

  • Massachusetts Hears the New Gospel

  • “One Who Never Turned Back”

  • “The Old Order Changeth”

  • The Crest of the Hill

  • Across the Border