The ecclesiastical organization of the Universalist Church in the United States and Canada shall be constituted as follows:

1. The General Convention, having jurisdiction over all Universalist Clergymen and denominational organizations.

2. State Conventions, exercising within State or Provincial limits a similar jurisdiction, subject to the General Convention.

3. Parishes, composed to persons organized for religious improvement and the support of Public Worship.


1. A State[^*^](#sdfootnote1sym){.sdfootnoteanc} Convention may be organized in any State, Territory, or Province, whenever at least four Parishes, in such proximity that they can conveniently and effectually coƶperate, shall have established and fellowshipped for at least two years, and have given satisfactory evidence of their probable permanence.

2. Every State Convention, to be entitled to fellowship, shall be organized in conformity with the laws of the General Convention, and shall fully comply with the conditions it prescribes.

3. Every State Convention shall be constituted: 1st. Of all ordained Universalist Clergymen in fellowship, residing in the State, and unless disabled by years of sickness, actively engaged in the work of the ministry; 2d. Of the officers of the Convention; 3d. Of Lay Delegates to be chosen by the Parishes in its fellowship.

4. Every State Convention, subject to the laws of the General Convention, shall have jurisdiction as to Fellowship, Ordination and Discipline over the Universalist Clergymen and Parishes within its territorial limits, [^*^](#sdfootnote2sym){.sdfootnoteanc} and shall devote special attention to Christian work, and all matters of denominational concern.

5. Every State Convention shall be incorporated under the laws of its State.


1. Any number of persons of good moral character, acknowledging the authority of the General Convention, and organizing for religious improvement and support of public worship on the basis of the Profession of Faith, and of the terms of fellowship prescribed by the General Convention, shall be recognized as a Parish in the Universalist Church, when admitted to fellowship by the State Convention having jurisdiction.

2. Every Parish, when practicable, shall be incorporated under the laws of the State in which it exists, conforming in its organization to the laws of the General Convention.\


[\*](#sdfootnote1anc){.sdfootnotesym}Wherever in these laws the word State is used, it is understood that is may apply to province or territory.
[\*](#sdfootnote2anc){.sdfootnotesym}This jurisdiction, under the Laws, is exercised through the several Committees of Fellowship, and not through the legislative bodies.