The Christian Register, March 3, 1921: 18.

Universalist Achievement

Universalists are rejoicing over distinct achievements: first, the denomination has adopted one thousand and sixty eight Armenian orphans for this purpose came from Sunday children and church people from all the country. This means that the orphans adopted will receive food for one year. The second achievement is the forward movement of the Order of Universalist Comrades, a men’s organization. The Order asks the following questions of each church: How many men have you? How many men have you at work? What are they doing in church and out? How many of them are church workers? How many of them are church members?

The Order intends to organize a chapter in every Universalist church. It has furnished lay speakers in churches where there are no ministers. It expects to conduct a campaign for funds for the purpose of building a boys home in Japan. Sunday, February 13 was National Laymen’s Sunday, when ministers turned their pulpits over to lay Comrades all over the country. The Order numbers five thousand and has an objective for October, 1923, of seventeen thousand five hundred. It has adopted “Universalism and Social Reconstruction Programme of the Order of Universalist Comrades.” This platform asks for an “economic order which shall give to every human being an equal share in the common gifts of God, and in addition all that he shall earn by his own labor; a social order in which there shall be equal rights for all, special privilege for none, the help of the strong for the weak until the weak become strong; a moral order in which all human law and action shall be the expression of the moral order of the universe; a spiritual order which shall build out of the growing lives of living men the growing temple of the Living God.”